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We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in the US with an international focus on teacher innovation and inventiveness.

Through our mission, we honor and award teachers to instigate positive educational change from the ground, up.

Our Mission

The Murdock-Thompson Center for Teachers believes that grassroots educational reform can be driven through empowerment of our most innovative, creative, and resourceful teachers whose efforts in the classroom are not widely recognized. The Murdock-Thompson Center for Teachers exists to honor and support educators for the ingenuity and innovation that they bring to the classrooms today.

Our Vision

We envision the Summer Fellowship for Innovative Teaching (SFIT) as a mechanism for honoring and awarding our best teachers every year. Honoring and awarding teachers as Fellows of the Murdock-Thompson Center for Teachers, we hope to spread innovation while incentivizing all teachers to strive for excellence through self-advocacy. Our organization works both in public and private schools in Côte d’Ivoire and Nigeria in rural and urban communities. We maintain a special partnership with Intellectual Giants of Africa Foundation (INGAF), based in Abuja, Nigeria, to offer field work and strengthen relationships with existing and potential new school partners.

Meet The Team​

A team of forward thinking individuals
Folake Eniola
Board Member
Kofi Kankam
Board Member
Faith Knowles
Board Member
William Lavin
M-TC President
Asta Petkeviciute
Board Member
Victor Adegboye
Board Member
Peter Thompson
Ph.D., Founder and Board Member

SINCE 1995


We have engaged with schools and teachers internationally since the 1990s. We are delighted to be growing and awarding and honoring new teachers every year.
Teachers Awarded
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